What to do with my radios???

i have a few motorola radios i know i have some xts 5000 i think about half of them work and have a few other ones and i dont know what to do with them have had them for years i programed one of the low end models burt that was years ago what would it take so get the soft ware to program them and or how much would it cost to get programed i would like to use them but if i cant i have no need for them

would like to use them as a scaner and with a few public freq like weather spoter

what would i need to do to do it right ??

what do i need to do to just get it done ??

can i do it ??

what do i need to know ???

the Motorola XTS 5000 is a Project 25 (P25) digital radio and requires specific programming software. You may need to contact Motorola directly for that. As for the other Motorola radios, what specific models are they?

xts 5000
xts 3000
mcs 2000

All three of those radios use different programming software available through Motorola. Since those are higher-tier radios you will need a Motorola Business account through MOL -> http://businessonline.motorola.com/

Once you create a login you will need to submit a licensing agreement that says you will not reproduce or alter the software in any way. If it gets approved by Motorola than you will have access to te various software packages.

Off the top of my head here are general prices for software only
XTS5000, XTS2500, and newer astro25 portables -$300
XTS3000 and Astro Spectra -$300
MCS2000 - $not sure I will check.

Then you need a programmig cableā€¦

Motorola is very picky about their software and VERY expensive. Have you looked into having them programmed by a dealer? :wink: