What radio to replace HT-750 UHF

We use motorolla HT-750 UHF radios.
I am looking for a good replacement radio, by good I mean rugged for an industrial enviroment.
We operate in the 452 mhz range on one channel. We have license for 5 channels. I would like at least a 5 channel radio. 4 watts.

I would like to be able to program myself. We were able to get the HT-750 software from Motorola some time ago. So we can program our HT-750’s. I really like to be able to program but not absolutely needed.

But we need a several more radios and the ht’s are getting harder to find and are expensive.

Any ideas?


The Motorola AXU4100 would provide similar performance to the HT-750, at considerably lower cost. It is a 4 watt, 10 channel UHF radio, made to military specs (same as the HT750).

The HT750 is an Intrinsically Safe (explosion proof) radio. In some environments, this is a requirement, but in most it is not necessary. This AXU4100 is not intrinsically safe and we do not carry any intrinsically safe radios at this time.