What radio should I buy to safely travel narrow logging trails in Canada...

In order to get to a remote cabin in British Columbia, we are forced to travel 40 miles or more on narrow gravel logging roads with many blind curves. The logging trucks ask that you announce your mile marker and direction of travel over the frequency 159.510 MHz, so that you or they can pull over in a few areas provided so that they can pass by safely. What could I buy that would allow me to travel these roads safely and communicate with the business radios these logging trucks utilize up there?

Hey jebour,
You will need a VHF radio to transmit on 159.510, preferably a higher power unit.

The Motorola RDV2020, RDV2080d, and RDV5100 are all capable of being programmed for 159.510mhz (They will have to be programmed by a Motorola dealer though in order get that freq.) The RDV2020/2080d are both 2 watts, while the RDV5100 is 5 watts output. Both are good radios that will provide you with reliable communications. You just have to decide:
-Do you want/need a display? (RDV2080d)
-Need the most economical choice? (RDV2020)
-Do you want the highest power portable radio? (RDV5100)

These radios can also be programmed for other frequencies so you will be able to use them beyond talking to logger trucks.