what is the difference?

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to get information on Radios so this will lead to other posts. Sorry if I sound uniformed.

What is the difference between UHF, VHF, Gmrs, Frs and then the 700, 800 and 900 MHZ???

Just trying ot get a handle on it to help with possible purchase in the future.


Well, our systems in the UK are different, but similar in how they work.

As I’m not American, I found this on wiki - which makes sense to me as a foreigner.

UHF and VHF are used to denote the rough frequency in use - VHF being from 30MHz to around 250MHz, and then UHF going higher. VERY High Frequency, and ULTRA High Frequency.

So for every radio system there will be a band in which it operates - VHF marine - VHF airband - VHF business users, then similar in the higher bands. Public chat is usually a territory based decision - your US bands are different from our UK ones. Airband tends to be the same worldwide, as does marine. everything else is regional. Broadcasters tend to use the 700 and 800MHZ bands here, and we don’t have much comms in it, but we have some mobile use in the 900MHz one.

Does this point you in the right direction? Google will be your friend here - MASSES of stuff. Just be careful to check it relates to where in the world you are.