What is the Best Two Way Radio to Buy?

Episode 187 of The Two Way Radio Show Podcast is now online. We answer a lot of questions from customers who are shopping around for their first radio and there is ultimately one they ask quite frequently. It’s a very simple question to ask, but is it an easy one to answer?

TWRS-187 - What is the Best Two Way Radio to Buy?

Show Notes:
TWRS-187 - What is the Best Two Way Radio to Buy? (buytwowayradios.com)

Great episode! I think one of your points is key: a lot of people don’t know enough to know what they want. 30 years ago I asked a friend that was a HAM about radios for communication off-roading. He was a coded Extra and all he talked to me about was getting a HAM license and using 2m. He didn’t mention UHF or GMRS are anything else but did talk down CB. I didn’t know enough about radio to know about what was available back then. And since it was pre-internet the information wasn’t as easy to find as it is today. I got my HAM ticket and then learned about UHF but still didn’t find out about other radio services until much later. GMRS ended up being the best choice for me and my friends. The way yall have set up your website allows radio curious people see what is out there as far as radios and different services and offers information that is hard find in one place. Thanks for being an information source as well as a place to purchase hardware.


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Yup, you ran into a sad ham. :frowning_face:

Haha. Not really. He is a good guy and never said anything negative about other radio services, he just never said anything about other services. I learned a lot from him. We were/are friends outside of radio as well. I have run into sad hams on the air but my friend was never like that.