What is Flash Burn V 9?

Hello everyone and apologies if my post is miscategorized. I’m very new to radios and programming, today I was told I needed Flash Burn V9 to flash two files I was given to my radios but google didn’t return any usable results. Does anyone know where I can obtain a copy of said software? Or Service? I’m still not entirely sure what it is. I downloaded the CPS software part but it doesn’t have this Burn installed. Once again, if I overstepped with posting it in the wrong place please accept my most sincere apologies, “general discussion” seemed like the best place to post this.

Any help will be appreciated!

Thank you.

Can’t you find whatever you are looking for at Download Center - Hytera ?

Not FlashBurn v9, unfortunately but thanks for trying to help!

You will need to tell us more about where you got this information, what you are hoping to accomplish and what radio you are using. This sounds very suspicious.

It sounds like you are trying to upgrade the firmware on a two-way radio? Many digital radios can upgrade the firmware but only if you really need the new features. If you don’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly, you run the risk of turning your radio into an expensive brick. It is rare to need a 3rd party software to upgrade firmware.

If you are trying to upgrade the firmware on an analog radio, then you are out of luck. You live with the firmware it comes with.

Are these by any chance used radios you purchased off eBay and now someone is trying to tell you some false information?

Suspicious? Someone asking for an advice on how to find software isn’t suspicious, what is suspicious is you seeing suspect motives in me asking for help.

I’m trying to fix a radio I messed up by trying to flash a firmware on it that wasn’t meant for it, it’s one of two radios I’m working on for the first time in my life trying to forgo a dealer. So I have a Hytera and a Motorola, I’ve never added software features to radios before nor ever tried to unbrick something I effed up by using a wrong version of some other software prior and also a wrong feature set meant for a different region, which is also new to me, I thought radio is a radio but oh well.
Someone on another forum told me flashing with FlashBurn would be best but they have weird rules that won’t allow me to ask for software, even though FlashBurn isn’t on the list of paid softwares nor have I ever heard of it before two days ago. I don’t know the jargon and can’t explain it any better.
Either way, unless you are the one who wrote this FlashBurn thing and are trying to protect flash’s copyright or whatever it’s called I don’t see why you even reply, maybe, if you don’t have anything nice or constructive to say then, perhaps, it’s best to say nothing?
Also no, it’s my radio, I want to understand how to program hytera and Motorola radios because I don’t want to ever rely on a dealer again, had a very bad experience because they’re greedy, lie a lot and do a lot of questionable things, also charge for every little thing, talking nonsense instead of helping.

LOL. I didn’t mean your activities were suspicious. I meant that the software that no one has heard of is suspicious. You already bricked one radio, so I would be very suspect about advice you are being given.

In general, analog radios live with the firmware they come installed with. Many digital radios can update their firmware as new features come available, but one must follow the manufacturer’s recommendations exactly.

You said you were inexperienced so I offered my opinion. If you don’t like it, you can try another forum, but the bottom line is that most analog radios cannot be updated. You live with the software it comes with. Buying used radios on places like eBay is always a risk and I am not sure anyone else can help undo your mistake.

I figured you were saying my actions of asking for it were, I couldn’t understand how and why.

I bricked it accidentally and not with this FlashBurn thing but with their own software, again, I have no experience and am learning through trial and error. It’s very difficult.

If you Google FlashBurn there are mentions of it on forums but I can’t find it. I also have no idea what it does. I have a file I need to burn onto the radio but I don’t yet know how to do it without a FlashBurn v9. All I know is that I can’t buy it, anywhere.