What do you think was radio shacks BEST stuff?

I can list 3 things I had from them that I think were better than any other

  1. Pro 51 Scanner (20-308) – I think this was such a good scanner because IT WASNT MADE BY TANDY!!!

  2. GMRS 15 channel radio (19-903) - No other radio did as well as this one or sounded as good…

  3. A 40 channel AM realistic CB I had in the 80s (TRC 422A (21-1503)) - That thing got hot as hell BUT IT DIDNT EVER DRIFT!!! (Best radio I ever had)

I even hooked a TV antenna up to it one night (MATCH SKY HIGH) and I was shooting skip around the world!! (I was @ my cousins house and didnt have my base antenna there so I used that antenna instead)