What 2-way radio to use...

Hi. My security company is in the market for two-way portable radios. We will be patrolling a resort/residential community on foot and in patrol vehicles. Our purpose for the radios is to have communication between the squad room located in the center of the community and the officers in the field. The range will be around 3-4 square miles that will include approx. 10,000 homes and a few small businesses. I realize we would need to setup a tower to communicate from one end to the other, but which radios will be the best for our use? Our budget is not very large so I’m hoping to spend no more than $200 per radio. I am looking to purchase 22 radios for this account.

I browsed through your website and found a few we might be able to use. The Blackbox UHF is very reasonable in price. Should this radio work for what we will need? What is another option?


Yes, the Blackbox UHF radio would suite your purpose as it is a 4 watt radio that is fully programmable, so it would work with your repeater. The biggest drawback to the Blackbox model is the battery life. When it is setup to transmit at full power the battery is only good for around 6 hours of life. If this is a problem, you may want to look into the Kenwood TK3202L or the Motorola AXU4100. These models are slightly outside your price range, but have better battery life than the Blackbox.

my security company used motorola ht750’s and they worked great