Wavelength/Antenna Question

I ran across something I didn’t know about and certainly don’t understand.
I have read about how if ??? would make the antenna longer on their GRMS/FRS (or other) it would go farther.
And I’ve read some post here about it’s not just the wattage of a radio but the antenna has got more to do with distance.

Now,you don’t just make an antenna longer,it has to be a specific length for it to work properly,right?
Can someone explain this or lead me to some references so I can read up on this.

If you make the antenna longer,will you get more distance?
How much at a certain length will it change.

I’m just trying to understand 1/4,1/2,Full lengths and how it changes the way a radio,CB,HAM operates.

Yes… an antenna is only “resonant” at certain frequencies. An antenna must be measured at a precise length (or loaded electrically to said length) to work. If you simply make it longer, this will not work… unless you happen to, by luck, hit another multiple of the wavelengh of the frequency you are operating on.

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I hope I helped.