Warehouse communication

We have about a 110,000 sq ft warehouse that we are trying to find effective two-way radios for. We are a manufacturer and have grown to a point that we need regular communication with several people out of the shop floor. Any one have any recommendations for good reliable options? Prefer no license needed types. Thanks!

Do some research on the Motorola DTR radios. I am not going to repeat threads, but they are digital, work well in industrial settings, have about the best range of any VHF/UHF radio on the market and don’t require licencing.

You can also set up your own private radio “nets” with each radio able to talk to all radios, one individual radio or a smaller subset of all the radios. Because they are digital, even when one radio is talking one-to-one with another, the frequency is still clear for others to talk.

There are also videos of the DTR radios being used in industrial settings, showing off the background noise rejection system of the newest digital radios. Check them out.

Full agreement with Chickenhawk.

Digital would indeed be the way to go. The Motorola DTR410 or DTR550 would be options to consider, as well as the Icom IC-F3101D and IC-F4101D.

Speaking of Icom, we currently offer a $25 Trade-in Allowance through Icom on the digital F3101D and F4101D radios. For each old business radio you trade-in, we will give you a $25 trade-in allowance on a new Icom IC-F-3101 (VHF) or IC-F4101 (UHF) digital radio. This is a one-for-one trade-in allowance with no limit.

We also currently offer a rebate/trade-in offer through Motorola on the DTR410 and DTR550 digital radios.

One nice thing about the Icom digital radios is that they can operate in digital and analog mixed mode. This allows you to ease into digital by allowing you to use the new digital radios along with your older ones, so you can transition from one to the other over time instead of replacing all of your radios at once.