wall charger for mic plug on midland 410?

My cert team has just been donated 30 Midland LXT 410 radios complete with rechargable battery packs.

If im reading the manual correctly, the mic input on the side also acts as a power inlet? If this is true, im looking for a wall charger that will work with this radio. i know about the desktop chargers and i have several but those will be kept in the equipment trailer and wired to 12volt for a charging station on deployment.

Im hoping to find a simple plug in charger so i can issue one radio and charger to each team member and not have to give them the desktop charger along with.

does that make sense? does anyone know the specs on the power input on this radio?

Im assuming this wouold work with virtually any midland radio of similar design as the mic and spkr inoputs are all the same?

thanks for any input!

This is the same charger your radio uses even though your model isnt listed here, maybe you can contact this seller and see if he sells the chargers only?

Ok my links were removed for some reason…

I guess do a search on the most popular online auction site for “Midland Battery&Charger” the auction with the three AA batteries and charger will fit your radio, you will just have some extra AA batteries…

The LXT410 is plug-in charge capable and the manual states that you can charge the rechargeable battery pack by simply plugging the AC adapter into the combination speaker/mic/charge jack.

We do carry AC/DC charger kits for this particular model. I did initially post a response regarding your request but pulled it while checking into it because found that, contrary to what is alluded to in the manual, the charger plug does not match the charging port on the radio. We contacted Midland and are awaiting an update direct from Midland regarding this specific query because there does seem to be a discrepancy between what is posted in the original manual regarding the use of the AC adapter to directly charge it and what is available.

We want to be as accurate as possible about the information to prevent you from possibly damaging your radios with an after market product, hence the caution.

Keep in mind that the LXT410 is an older model radio that has been discontinued, so although we do carry the genuine Midland AVP-4 AC adapter and charger combination, chances of locating an OEM replacement AC adapter for the LXT410 without the charger may be a challenge.

I would not recommend purchasing a generic or after market AC adapter. I would also strongly advise against using an AC or DC adapter intended for another make and model radio. For more information listen to The Two Way Radio Show Episode 17 - Batteries For Radios. We discussed the reasons for using the correct charging equipment in detail.

hey thanks for the tip! yea, that charger is pretty much just what im looking for. im hoping to figure out the specs (tip negative? etc…) on it so i can aquire just the wallwart locally. Ill be needing 12 of them…

I dont think you will find one off the shelf but below is the pinout.


Tip - Sleeve - Sleeve (stereo plug)

Tip is nothing, first short sleeve is +12vdc, second long sleeve is -12vdc