Walkie talkies for medical office

I would like to keep in contact both individually and as a group broadcast with about 7 people in the office. The office is about 5000 Sq. ft. with some brick walls between some rooms, otherwise sheet rock. I would like to avoid radios that are likely to be activated by outside transmissions (from others outside the office using similar channels). Would like to have radios that are compatible with earpieces/bluetooth if possible, and good rechargeable battery systems.
I’ve looked at the threads and come up with the following suggestions the Midland GXT-900-VP4 and the Motorola CLS1110. Also what should I need to know about FRS and GMRS as it concerns my applications. Thanks!

We have quite a few medical and dental offices that purchase radios from us, and by far the most popular products for this use are the Motorola CLS1110 or the Kenwood TK-3230. Both of these radios are designed to hold up to everyday operation and they utilize business frequencies, which are more exclusive and subject to far less interference. Sounds like one of these models would be perfect for your application.

I am looking to get some radios for a medical office as well, I was looking at the Kenwood TK-3230’s. I don’t know much about 2-way radios and have seen something about needing licensing in some other threads. Do these radios require licensing to use?

regular motorola radios you get at target will work great.