Walkie Talkie would not turn off

I had a weird issue with one of my Cobra PR4260 walkie talkies this morning. To keep it short, after the CALL button was pressed, the radio remained stuck in TX mode. I turned the Volume Control/Power knob to the off position to stop it from transmitting, but the radio would not turn off and keep transmitting, even with the knob rotated and clicked into the OFF position. :eek: I stopped it by removing a battery. I then snapped the battery back in place, and the radio functioned normally again. I could not replicate the problem. Any thoughts on this?:confused:

Perhaps the contacts for the PTT button were stuck. If it only happened once, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. If it begins to happens intermittently or somewhat regularly, there may be a short or the PTT switch may wearing out. This model was discontinued a few years ago so it may be showing some signs of wear or age.

It’s took 22 months, but it just happened again for the second time, exactly the same way. What puzzles me is not being able to turn it off without removing a battery.

It’s a $30 consumer-grade radio. Consider yourself lucky to have several years of service out of it. Trust me; it would cost far more to diagnose the problem at a radio shop than it would to throw it away and buy a new pair.

To keep the cost down, switches, knobs and jacks are all made as cheaply as possible. All of these are very common failure points. Even $300 radios can suffer from sticky or broken PTT switches after a few years.