Walkie talkie Technika TA 716

Hi does anyone know how the above walkie talkies work? We have not used them for a while and just replaced the batteries to use them but no instructions. Thank you

I’m confused? Tesco used to sell these and they only had a few controls. You have put new batteries in. Does the display appear when you hold in the power button for a few seconds? I assume they both come on and have the channel number in the display? Assuming this is a yes, the only real control you use is the up and down buttons. These toggle between volume and channel. They have an annoying loud beep when you press the up down, so select ch 1 press the PTT and they should work. The only adjustment is the volume, so I guess they could both be on volume 0? There’s really nothing else to adjust, they just work. In fairness they’re not that durable a product. If they both don’t light up, I suspect you should look at the battery contacts. Shiny metal, or nasty greeny-blue? The batteries leak sometimes and the contacts go, but the metal is poor quality and if they’ve been damp at any time the springs can corrode and while you can wipe them with sandpaper as a crude fix, it tends to not last long. If none of these things works, dump them, they’re not really fixable products at this price range.

Thanks for answering, turned them on on yes there’s power, don’t I have to search for a channel somehow? They don’t work on channel 1,

Hmmm if the display is the same on both radios then assuming that they did work together previously the one may have failed. Do they work properly on any channel? What you really need is a friend with a scanner or ham type radio who could easily identify if they both transmit and the problem is on receive. But it’s not looking good. I don’t think you are doing anything wrong but the chances are one has died. They do come up on ebay sometimes

Not sure how you get it to stay on another channel they just keep going back to 1

They’re broken it seems, they should stay on the channel they’re set to unless there is some mysterious mode engaged. These are for kids and non vital jobs, so are plug and play devices. It’s odd they’re both doing the same thing though.we’re they ok before the batteries went flat? As in are you certain they were operating differently?

Ok thanks for your advice, I have thrown them away and got different ones