Walkie Talkie Baby Monitor idea?

Hi everyone, first time user here.

I have a question concerning car surveillance and walkie talkies.
I’ll try to keep it short of how I came all the way to this idea after
trying many other methods and many other forums.

Basically, I’m trying to find a way to have my car alarm notify/alert me when it is triggered. Most car alarms do not have a way to notify you when it goes off. Unless you are actually within hearing distance of your car alarm, you’d have no idea it went off until probably hours later or the next day when you go to your car.

I came across some walkie talkies that have a baby monitor function. It seems that I could leave one walkie talkie in my car and keep the other with me in my home or wherever I am. I’m usually parked 1,000 to 2,000 feet away from my car, in a rural town so no high rises or buildings as obstacles but it’s not a straight line either so I can’t see my car where it’s parked.

There’s no parking where I live so I have to park far away. Can anyone please advise me on the best brands or models that will be suitable for my needs?

I’m just looking for a walkie talkie that has the longest battery life (say 12 hours or more), with the baby monitor function that transmits clear audio back to me when it picks up noise, ie. my car alarm. I figured when my car alarm goes off, even from inside the car, the sound will be loud enough to be picked up by the walkie talkie and transmit it to me thereby notifying me in live time so I can respond ASAP to the alert.

I’ve seen a few motorola brands or HK electronics (by Motorola?) that have the baby monitor function. I’m also currently working overseas in asia just FYI.

Any advice and help would be appreciated thanks.

NOTE* some things I should point out in case
-I already have a 2 channel car alarm in my car (front and rear cams) and it uses my car battery so im not looking to hook the walkie talkie
up to my car battery adding further drain. I only drive about 12 minutes a day to work and home so the battery is not fully charged.
-I have purchased my own portable battery (Goal Zero Yeti 150) that can power devices via 12VDC or simple 2 prong outlet.
-I do not own a smartphone so no systems that involve using an iphone or tablet to wirelessly or 3G/4G networks, IP cameras not an option either.
-my objective is to respond ASAP as soon as im alerted my car alarm is triggered in order to A) see what happened in person, B) intercept the person who
set it off.

One of the problems you’re going to run into with having a walkie talkie in your car is that the distance over which you will be able to hear it will be limited by the antenna. Modern vehicles with all their sheet metal and passivated glass (to reduce UV radiation inside the vehicle) make it almost impossible for a walkie talkie to operate effectively inside a vehicle.

You can get around this with an external antenna, but that may be more complicated than you want to go. And the radios you are looking at may not have the ability to hook up an external antenna.

Being overseas might be an issue as well. You should research the radio laws of the country you are in to find out if it’s even legal for you to do this.