I purchased a set of cobra microtalk cxt 235. Plan was to use one on Vox next to baby monitor so I could take the other with me out to barn. Have sensitivity set to highest and just playing around/testing it hardly pics up anything. Any suggestions to get this to work better or if not maybe a recommendation for a set of two ways that I could rely on to work well for this purpose???
Thanks much!!!

Although VOX functionality may vary somewhat between different makes and models of two way radios, for the most part it is going to be hit and miss. Two way radios equipped with VOX are not specifically designed for use as baby monitors, they are designed for hands free communication, and usually in tandem with a VOX compatible earpiece or headset with a built-in microphone, not as much with the mic embedded in the body of the radio itself. Even then, it isn’t an exact science.

While you may find some measure of success with a VOX enabled radio, you will likely be better off with a baby monitoring device specifically designed for that purpose.

This video may help clarify the advantages and disadvantages of VOX.
Radio 101 - Using VOX on two way radios

That is probably not what you wanted to hear, but it’s better to be up front about VOX rather than set expectations too high by recommending another radio.

To add to Rick’s comments - most complaints about vox operation relate to false triggering, so most problems are when noises that should not switch it to transmit - do! I doubt any of the models around are designed to work at this excess level of sensitivity.