VOX transmission without delay

We tried a couple of hand-held radios and found the receiving unit does not broadcast the first word that was said on the other unit.
That short delay of 1-2 seconds could be a major problem, as we need immediate/instant communication with a person about 50-75 ft away, for example on either end of a boat while docking in adverse conditions with strong tides, currents, winds, and no hands on the dock to help.

Can you recommend a unit/model that has NO delay, instead has instant voice transmission in the VOX mode?
Thanks. Franz

This is definitely an annoyance but every single bubble pack radio brand we ever owned did this. I must ask though, where are you putting this boat that a single second is too long to wait to hear a word? Must be some tight quarters! :smiley:

This is normal. I don’t care if it is a “bubble pack” or an expensive radio. VOX units have that slight delay. The system cannot trigger on everything, otherwise your heartbeat could trigger the transmitter. A lot of folks start their transmissions by going “uh” then saying what they want to say, just to trigger the vox,

The boat is new to us, so is the slip, and it’s a bit tight, too. Well, we have much to learn. Thanks to everyone for your input.

Another reason they require a bit of direct sound first to trigger VOX is they would be constantly on and drain the radio’s battery very quickly – and frustrate people by constantly transmitting. It is a compromise solution by the manufactures, which is better than nothing, but far from perfect.