Voice Privacy Scramble feature GXT800VP4

I bought two sets of the GXT800VP4, 4 radios total. When setting them up, I found that two have a Voice Privacy Scramble feature (manual page 15 shows it and it is called out on the front of the package) but the other two do not have this feature (their manual is different and makes no mention). Which radios are the newest? I just want the latest radios, especially if there are other specs that changed without mention. Can anyone help? Thank you all for your guidance!

A few months ago, Midland started shipping a version of the GXT800VP4 labeled “REV A”. This version was updated from the initial release and included a new voice scrambling feature. I am not aware of any other changes with this version.

I’m not sure why Midland is changing the features of the product mid-year. It is unusual for them. Voice scrambling is one new features of the model that will be replacing the GXT800VP4 several months from now, so maybe they just decided to launch it early.


As of last week, Midland still had stock of both the old and new versions, and shipments are being mixed. A large shipment that we received last week was about 25% “REV A”.

At this time, and until the old models are phased out, we will not be actively advertising the voice scrambling feature on our web site. If someone specifically wants this new version, however, we will try to accommodate. Just call to place your order or request “REV A” in the comments section if you place the order online. This is first come, first served.

I have received my Midland 800 VP4 today. Purchase this from midland2way website. I would think they would send me their newest version for this pair, but didn’t. The package didn’t mention anything about voice scrambling as the previous person mentioned. What does a voice scrambler do? Is there a big advantage to having a voice privacy scramble feature? Should I return these and request for this feature from the manufacturer or just keep these as is?

The voice scramble feature is not a big deal for most people. It is a nice to have feature if you are concerned about having someone eavesdrop on your conversation, or if you want an extra layer of privacy.

If you enable voice scrambling, a radio will encrypt the signal as it transmits. The receiving radio will decrypt the signal as it receives it. Anyone listening to the same frequency with a standard radio or a scanner will hear a garbled transmission instead of your actual words.

Keep in mind, this does not ensure complete privacy. Anyone with a radio like yours would be able to hear you clearly. Never discuss anything over a walkie talkie that you don’t want overheard!

The web site that you mentioned you purchased from is not the Midland company. They are just a regular retailer and probably either have older stock, or are using a large distributor to drop ship their orders and therefore have no control over their inventory.

On a related note, BuyTwoWayRadios.com now has now sold through all of the older inventory and our most recent shipment was entirely the “REV. A” (voice scrambling) version. Anyone ordering a GXT800VP4 from our web site from this point forward will receive the updated version.

By chance…would my item be voice scrambling if it said 142 privacy codes instead of the 121 privacy codes? The package just states H20 on it. I was trying to look for the REV A on the package and didn’t see it. Maybe REV A is labeled somewhere I didn’t catch. Don’t know.

The only place that you’ll find “REV A” marked is on the cardboard carton used for shipping multiple radios. It’s easy to identify an updated radio, though. The new ones advertise the voice scramble feature on the front of the packaging, and the manual mentions it as well.

I’ve decided to just keep the one I have without the voice scrambling feature. Too much hassle to return it and buy another one for this feature. Besides, my husband’s birthday is next Monday and I don’t have the time also. Like you said before, nothing is really private in the air anyway. Then it got me thinking…you mentioned that others will hear you clearly if they had the same brand walkie talkie and others with another brand would hear garbling noises with the voice scrambling feature. I figured if…let’s say that you go hiking with a friend and your friend had another brand radio…then there’s no way they can hear you well. In a way, I think it’s something in the future to think about. That website I mentioned earlier is what you had said - a drop-off/retailer website. The www.midlandradio.com is the actual manufacturer’s website. I found this forum after I had purchased the walkie talkie set. I’ve noticed your website charges shipping and the one I bought them from doesn’t (2-3 days regular shipping free). Bought it last Friday and received it Tuesday. From MO to CA. If I had known earlier that there were two different versions, then I would have definitely purchased the set from your website. The other website doesn’t have the newer version, REV A. Again, I could have returned it and buy those sets from your website, www.buytwowayradios.com, but my husband’s birthday is next Monday. No time for an exchange for the voice scrambler/eavesdropping reducer.

The “codes” you see mentiopned are not scramblers or encryption. Manufacturers call them “privacy codes” when in fact there is nothig private at all. Anyone on the same “code” can hear you. As a matter of fact, if they have their “codes” turned off, they can hear every word you say.

I have heard kids jamming businesses. The kids have their “codes” off, the businesses have theirs on. The businesses don’t hear the kids. THe kids hear the business, but are far enough away not to interfere. All those “codes” do is restrict the squelch control to the signal they are set to receive.

The radios with scramblers do not “encrypt” at all. Thye use simple speech inversion scrambling. Like Danny said, any radio with such a feature can hear you fine. Also comouter pograms exist to re-invert this signal too, so scanner users can hear you.