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Ok…I guess you would say I am sort of a pack hound, LOL. Anyway I purchased some old radios as part of a package about 4 years ago and am finally getting around to using them and would like some help getting my options sorted out (hate to re-invest).

This set is functional, w/ chargers and extra batteries

(1) Motorola Radius P1225 [Working,CH1/2]

  • P94ZRC90A2AA
  • SN#475FAY2761
    *** Would like to use for Car#1

(1) Motorola Radius SP50 [Working, CH1/2 3-10 available]

  • P94YQT20G2AA
  • SN#777FAL2966
    *** Would like to use for Crew Chief

These I am not sure, but Radio #1 shows a light just nothing to send trx to as the other radios are not working?

(1) Motorola Radius P110 [Working]

  • P24QLC20A2AA
  • SN#188FUJ8125

(2) Motorola Radius P110 [No LED,TRX,RCV]

  • P24QLC20A2AA
  • SN#188FWL0491

(3) Motorola Radius P110 [No LED,TRX,RCV]

  • P24QLC20A2AA
  • SN#188FVJ8138

I am hoping to wind up with 2 functioning car setups (or more) for on track at the same time. I have all the accessories for 2 cars, crew chief headset, carriers, police style speaker/mic, all I need is to sort out the radios … Any Advise?

Thanks for looking…

— Christopher Shoemaker
Royale Racing LLC

All of those radios are programmable. I recommend taking it to your local Motorola dealer and have him program them. That would save you a lot of time and trouble. If you don’t have an FCC license he will have to program the FRS frequencies for you at low power.