VHF handheld with some difficult requirements?

I have a customer - a local boat yard who need some new radios for their yard. I’m struggling

  1. chunky
  2. Tough
  3. NO LCD screen display - but the through case LED types are fine
  4. MUST cover VHF, but UHF too is not an issue
  5. IP67 as they’ll be used in heavy rain and spray - they do not need to float.
  6. They MUST be analogue and digital. DMR ideally, but one of the non-Motorola compatibles would be OK - as they must be capable of real encryption. The boat yard have some very expensive boats that they need to talk about, but people not hear - security stuff mainly.

The radios would have mainly the local marine band channels, plus their own dedicated VHF channel.

All my enquiries so far have failed. Ideally a radio that has marine capability needs to be able to display channel numbers - so a few have 16 channels, but those channels can be shown as 12, 14, 16, 37, 62 on the LED display, not just 1-16. These radios do not have Digital capability, the ones that do, seem to all have LCD screens, or are UHF only, or lack IP67.

If anyone knows any make that tick these boxes, it would be really handy. I thought I had one today, but this chip shortage has killed it - the new version using the new chip can’t do 10W (which the old one could - but I don’t needn’t that power 3W would do) but the new one does not do digital! grrrrrrr

What about something like a Kenwood NX-3220 non-display with Voice Announcement?

My fault - I failed to mention the retail price needs to be less than £150 UKP per radio.m I have quite a few Kenwoods - great radios, but just a bit expensive.