VHF Frequencies for non-business use

I understand that 148-174 MHz frequences are for VHF Business Band/MURS/2-way land mobile.

If I wanted to use a 5W VHF radio, like the Motorola AXV5100, (thus excluding MURS), is there a license to use the available frequencies for personal use?
I understand an amateur license can be used for 144-148MHz, but what is needed to use other frequencies?

Unfortunately I am not sure how this would be handled. You may want to contact a frequency coordinator with this question.


Nope. Sorry.

Other than MURS, or amateur radio, there’s no provision for personal use on VHF. The FCC does require you to be a “non-individual” (In other words, business or other permissable organization) to get a license in the business band.

I just spoke with Ken at Forest Industries, an FCC frequency coordinator. He was extremely knowledgeable and was able to answer this question. Basically, an individual would be able to license a business frequency, but would have to explain why it was needed.

He also said that if it is a group of people, each with their own radio, it may make more sense to form some type of official organization. That would allow you to license the frequency once for the organization, which would be much less expensive than having each individual license the same business frequency.

Thanks to Ken for helping me out with this. If anyone has any licensing needs, check out their web site.