VHF, Analog, Narrowband/Wideband?

I was wondering if companies make a handheld radio that is VHF, analog, and will work on both narrowband (12.5) and wideband (25)? I know they make P25’s that covers everything but I didnt want to spend that much.

Pretty much anything made today & sold in the USA will do 12.5 & 25 KHz channels; Vertex, Kenwood, Icom, Motorola; probably even my less favorite Maxon/Midland/whatever.

As of right now I am not aware of any radio that will do ONLY 12.5khz. Any radio being manufactured and sold today is capable of BOTH wideband (25khz) and narrowband (12.5khz) so users can make a gradual change over if they need to.
Beware of buying used radios online at auction sites because some are old models that will do wideband (25khz) only.

Some Popular Analog VHF 12.5khz/25khz models:
Motorola RDU5100 (must use software to custom program)
Motorola CP200 and CP200 XLS
Kenwood TK2302