Very Unhappy / Poor Customer Service

I was in need of business radios for my company. I went to two way radios website and found the ones that would work for my company. Before buying the radios I did an online chat with two way radios and asked them if they could provide some guidance after I buy the radio with how I can apply for the FCC required license. They said they would definitely help. So I order the radios and spend over $350.00. Once they arrive I open the shipping box and pull out the radios. As soon as I pull them out the plastic package pops open. I then check and the radio packages were not sealed. I though it was strange but the radios seemed to be new and not used. I then contacted buy two way radios again for the advice with the FCC. They tell to contact to get the paper work done. So I do and find out that on top of the $260 normal FCC fee this company charges another $200 to do the paper work. Which is a total scam, $460 for a license ? on top of the $350 I already spent. which we just cannot afford. So I contact two way radios again and tell them I we wont be able to keep the radios due to the excessive fees. They then tell me I cannot return the radio because the packages on the radios were open. I tell them that they were open when I got them, and the radios were bran new and never used. The contact me back and tell me that the radios were never sealed but they still cannot take them back because of that ? I still have the radios still bran new and I cannot use them.:mad::mad::mad::