Very odd radio transmissions I recieved

I bought a few cheap 5km Aldi 2-way radios the other day. They are quoted to have 3 mile (or 5 kilometre) range, but in a residential area are limited to around 600 metres.

So tonight I was on my computer with the radio sitting next to me in case of any transmissions that might be coming through, and all of a sudden this voice starts talking. At first I figure it’s a couple of truckies passing by or something, but I notice a repetition in what is being said. One particular line which I can’t totally understand repeats in between every other saying something like “Hey Mitchell, I’m f----d”. Then a different voice says “Well aren’t you a c— smoking d—head”.

And the different voices keep coming and repeating over and over. It was the strangest (and partly scariest) experience, especially as some of the lines are quite disturbing like “I’m gonna get you”.

I’ve never heard of anything like this, and I don’t quite know what to google to find out about it.

Any advice or explanation would be much appreciated.

Yep. Nothing to worry about. Just a couple rude foks that don’t have the brains to use a radio properly.