Very interesting accidental cc emails

I’m copied in to a very interesting email conversation between a very big American radio manufacturer and a Chinese factory who are producing the same radios, and have supplied models for testing along with the CPS - detailed questions, including comments on how hot they get and the current required being excessive and it’s really an eye opener to how the big companies work. Theyre asking for a drop in power, to bring current and heat under control. I’ve actually found a dealer with stock and think I might give this a go. No idea how I got copied in, and by an old email address too - I’m keeping quiet, you never know what other gems I’ll pick up. I can imagine the big name manufacturer just rebadging it as it’s the same shape and style as some products already in their range. They’re asking the factory for FCC IDs and some tweaks to wording in the software. I feel a bit like a spy!


Not radio related but years ago I worked for a world wide corporation and got added to an email list where they were discussing the results of interviews with perspective employees. I just replied to the originator that they may want to take me off of the list as I had nothing to do with HR. I stayed on the email list for several months until I started making comments about the folks they were interviewing. Finally, I was asked by someone on the list why I was commenting. I replied with the original reply where I had suggested they remove me from the list. I never received another email.


Bond, Paul Bond…
It’s always been said, don’t put anything in writing that you don’t want others to read. The same goes on the air!

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Interestingly, the large Corporation are a bit miffed - they’ve rejected it - the display is their major beef - the font and the lining up of buttons and letters - the exit button doesn’t exit and the beeps are ‘new’. The lack of features and the look seem to have killed it off! The factory who made it seemed a bit detached from the things they wanted.