Vertexstandard VXR9000 configuration

I am new to repeater configuration for multichannel for different departments. Please help me.

I want to configure VXR9000 for multichannel for different departments so that each department can communicate securely. I want to use one duplexer with one antenna and i want 32 channels with same tx rx freq but differnet dcs/ctcss for dividing channels. So is it possible to that way to solve my requirement with single repeater. Is there any other ways to have 32 channels or anything to configure in repeater software.:confused:

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This is a good questions , Im want to know too, if it’s possible. thanks

In general - repeaters differ in how they program. Community repeaters used to use multiple tones. There was a unit in the rack that detected incoming CTCSS tones, and they can handle quite few if needed. They trigger the transmitter, the repeater doesn’t do it internally. They also internally have a number of CTCSS tone generators (or they’re in another unit) and these introduce a new clean tone into the repeater. If your transmitter sends a 94.8 tone, the unit detects it, filters it out and then puts a new 94.8 tone into the audio stream. Another user sends a tone of 127.3, and if the 94.8 tone is being received and transmitted it does not add in the new tone. The two transmissions will of course interfere with each other, but usually, radios on shared systems won’t transmit if they are receiving something. Not all do this, some repeaters hang on, with a beep or something and these don’t work well if the out stations have to wait. They work fine but it depends on the number of individual groups - if you can’t use the repeater because others are, but you cannot hear them - you tend to think it’s broken!

As @paulears stated, this would typically (traditionally) be done through the use of a community repeater tone panel such as the Zetron Model 37. This functionality has mostly been replaced today with talkgroup steering on modern digital setups though with conventional P25 operation you see NAC steering in the sense a P25 NAC is a digital analog for a CTCSS/DCS tone.