Vertex standard vx351/451 or kenwood Tk3360/3168s31

Hi everyone,

I am new in two way radio and I am deciding to buy some two way radio for business purpose. I am current deciding between the Vertex Standard vx451/351 and Kenwood TK3360/3168s. I really appreciate some generous feedback on this two brands and which one is a better choice. I am also open to other brands too which I can check if they are approved models in Singapore. Mainly for events purposes which is why I am looking at small and slim radios. I have heard some problems regards to this two brands so I am really confuse on which brand and model to get.


In my personal opinion I think Vertex Standard makes a great radio, that’s not to say that Kenwood doesn’t but from my experience the Vertex Standards hold up better. I have several Vx231’s that I use at least once a week here. I’ve used Kenwoods on other sites and never liked them.

One final note, Motorola I believe holds some stock in Vertex Standard so that may tell you something as well.


Thanks so much, was looking at vertex too but was recommended the Motorola cp 477 too. But the vertex seems to be a better option and also a better offer given to me.