Vertex Standard - VX 4600

Ok, so I got the new VX 4600.

I was really impressed by a few things.

First was that it had a wide band of applications.

It has 512 Channels / 32 groups for you to choose from.

It has both alphanumeric display as well as trundicated letters for each frequency.

It’s programming software is free to dealers, and the programming and cloning cable did not cost an arm and a leg.

The microphone is very durable - much better then the Yaesu FT 8900 I was used to.

Its audio is very impressive for a mobile, even with the stock speaker.

It is a very durable transceiver for the money.

Dealer cost is about $450.00 + shipping. USA…

I would reccomend this transceiver to anyone that was in the market for a new LMRS transceiver for their buisness or PLMS - Police, Fire etc…