Vertex Repeater VXR9000

Hello , I have a repeater VXR9000 VHF 100-Watts, issue I’m facing I have a Base radio like 80 miles away , it’s RCA BDM300 and i have RCA RDR2500 Portable radio, the issue he can hear me loud and clear , but when he tried and communicate back , I can’t hear him . So I am suspecting it’s the Antenna , that was up there at the tower before i started here , but I’m also suspecting , it’s the radio Im using since it’s a 5-watts . Please need guidances, already I have 3db Omni Antenna , that I will be replacing the Antenna first to see , if that will solved the issue. thanks

You have a repeater that has an 80 mile range? Seriously. That’s impressive, but I guess it’s on a mountain top or something like that. I live on the coast in East England - so we are very flat, and 30 miles is a rarity. If you are both using the repeater, remember it is the repeater doing the work - you are not talking to each other, you are talking *through * the repeater. When you say you cannot hear him, you mean you cannot hear the repeater. Can you explain a bit more how you are set up, as for him to hear you, you are making it into the repeater, but he appears not to be - this would be normal if he is on a lower power transmitter, or a portable. The problem will be that the repeater cannot hear one of you - you just need to determine who it is? Of course, if you are both going through a repeater, then it’s the distance from each user to the repeater - so 40 miles to the repeater might be fine, and the other person could be 40 miles away on the other side - that’s how repeaters do their thing. We need some more info.