Vertex 4 channel repeaters

After many many hours of looking into these (being completly green) I’m not really sure of their use today being older or what they might be worth. Im hoping you all can provide some insight. I have 2 full sets in the enclosures. Each one has 2-Vertex vx-2000u 4 channel radios that are 9 pin cabled together and connected to a vertex vxd-40u UHF duplexer. They are mounted in what looks like a manufacturer made stainless steel enclosure. The one I opened didnt have frequecies written on the duplexer sticker. I have the power connectors for a cigar lighter, antennas and vertex handheld mic’s. One is Barley used the other looks to be brand new and was all packaged up. Antenna and cords for the unused one are all in plastic still. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Found out the antennas are Hustler RUM-450 for 450-470 MHZ.