Vehicle Antenna

I posted this on the GMRS subreddit, where some of you may also post, so this may seem like something you just read.

I’m new to GMRS radios (my last real radio experience was with the PRC 77).

I’ve entered this area sort of accidentally as a long time ago I picked up a couple of old Cobra handheld “walkie talkies” and more recently went to a couple of better Motorola handhelds. I wanted to be able to communicate with those from my vehicles, so I recently picked up a Midland MXT115 at a local store and got my license. I meant to get the MXT400 on the assumption that the more watts the better. The MXT115 works really well with the Motorola’s and I’m getting decent range out of them, clear reception out to at least four miles, and on one odd occasion made contact at at least fifteen miles. I’m in an area that’s very hilly or even mountainous by some definitions.

I’ve looked here and elsewhere and it seems like antennas are the real key for range. I’m using a MXTA26 6db 32" antenna on a Jeep, with it mounted to a wind fairing so that its as high on the Jeep as it can get. I’m going to add a second antenna to a Dodge 3500 and was more or less thinking of going with the same antenna, but I’ll confess my memory of radio antennas is pretty impacted by the old whip antennas used for Jeep mounts for the old PRC 77.

What antenna for a 4x4 vehicle would people recommend here?

Larsen NMO mount, Larsen antenna for the frequency you desire.
Mount it in the middle of the roof… I use magnetic mounts when ever possible for temporary situations. it needs a ground plane to radiate properly, not just a metal tab that holds it in the air.

Hi @Yeoman. The MXTA26 is an excellent antenna by Midland that works exclusively with GMRS frequencies. It tends to be our #1 recommendation for GMRS, especially when using the Midland MicroMobile GMRS radios. In regards to mounts, a magnet mount may be the way to go in your case. I would recommend looking at the MXTA12 magnet mount on our website. It comes included with the NMO base, and 12ft of RG-58 cable attached, so it’s a true “plug and play” solution for your setup.

Can’t recommend a specific radio antenna but would suggest a very ‘flexible’ one. I’d also suggest finding a convenient hill to do the transmitting from. :slight_smile: