UV9GX setup to transmit to a Midland GTX 1000

I am a new owner of a WOUXUN UV9GX. I also bought the SHTF pre-programming with it from BSR. I have no trouble scanning the program list but if I want to transmit to another handheld radio eg Midland GTX 1000 I cant. I can hear the Midland but the MIdland cannot hear me. I was told to program the CTCSS codes or DCS tones. I have no idea what the values should be ? is it different for each brand that I want to transmit to from the WOUXUN. Thanks in advance for any help.

We’ve covered it recently. You can hear the Midland because your radio is not using the tones the Midland is sending - your Wouxon just opened the squelch when it detects the transmission. The simplest, but fiddly method is to program the Wouxon with the same frequency in each memory slot, but each one has a different transmit tone frequency - starting at 67Hz, then go right up to 250.3Hz. Then set the radio to memory 1, and press transmit. See iof the Midland opens up and lets you hear it. If not, turn to memory 2 with the next CTCSS tone and repeat till you find the right one.

Alternatively, set 67 as a Wouxon receive tone, and press the PTT on the Midland - if you don;t hear it, change 67 to the next one and repeat till you do. Hopefully, you won’t need to try too many.

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I’m pretty sure the UV9GX has tone scanning. Set the tone scan to scan for TX CTCSS or DCS and then key up the Midland with both radios on the same channel. I have used the tone scan on several other Wouxun radios with great success especially if you have access to the radio you are trying to scan. Since you possess the Midland then you can transmit long enough for the scan to determine the code.

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Even simpler than that. Read the two manuals and match the frequencies and the tones. Ignore the proprietary channel numbers and tone code numbers. Match the frequencies and actual tones.

Read page 18 and 19 of the Midland manual and read page 1 to 3 of the PDF of frequency programming for the Wouxun.

One of the problems is that consumer-grade (often called “bubble pack”) radios like the Midland use their own proprietary channel numbers to represent the various GMRS frequencies. Wouxun uses a different proprietary channel numbering system. You just need to match the frequency AND the privacy tones (which actually have little to do with privacy.)

First, find the frequency on the Wouxun you want to use and look up the tone (either CTCSS or DCS) and then read the Midland manual to find what channel they use that matches that frequency. Then program the Midland with a tone that corresponds with the Wouxun tone, according to the chart on page 19 of the Midland manual.

Here is an example. GMRS channel 4 is 462.6375 MHz, but on the Midland, 462.6375 MHz is listed as Channel 32. Your Wouxun is programmed with 462.6375 as Channel 4 and has a preprogrammed privacy tone of 141.3 (for some strange reason.) Your Midland is programmed so that Channel 32 has a code of DCS code of 031. To get them talking together on GMRS channel 4, leave the Wouxun alone and change the programming in the Midland to CTCSS code 141.3. (On Channel 32, select “Menu” then up or down to “OFF/CTCSS/DCS” and press Menu again. Select CTCSS “22.” Now they will talk to each other on that particular GMRS channel.)

An even simpler solution is to reprogram all GMRS channels in both radios so that all tones are OFF.

Keep in mind that these tones are not extra channels. Any GMRS radio within range with all tones off can hear any transmission on the same frequency, regardless of tones set on the transmitting radio.

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Thank you for the detailed explanation. I also found out that the Midlands doesn’t have the CTSS programmed for channels 17 and upward for some reason. I used channel 17 and presto I could transmit. I didn’t know that frequencies were not standardized across channel numbers. Good to know. Thanks again.