UV5R stopped transmitting on VHF

I just started having a problem with my UV5R VHF / UHV radio. It has stopped transmitting on VHF. Everything else works. It will receive and transmit on UHF but only receives on VHF. It was transmitting on both VHF & UHF but now it can only receive on VHF. Does anyone have any idea what caused this to happen. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance


Does the radio display the same problem on both A/B VFOs?

I’ve been through the list of UV5R menu settings and I don’t see anything that might be causing your problem.

Here is an online reference that might help.


Yes, it has the same problem on both A & B VFO’s

Yes, It has the same problem on both A/B VFO’s

You last resort would be to do a full reset of the radio and see if that cures the problem. If it doesn’t, then it’s likely there is something wrong with the radio. With the UV5R, it’s more cost effective to toss it out and buy a new radio than attempt to get it repaired.

My advice would be to use this as an opportunity to move up to something better. I’d look at getting a Yaesu FT-60 as a replacement.

I have done a full reset and also reprogrammed it with the computer and still the problem did not go away. I am think that the finals might be blown and am going to take your advice and toss it and replace it with another UV5R. It’s a good radio for camping and any other activity. If it breaks or falls into a stream, it’s not a big loss.
I do have a Yaesu FT- 60 and it is a great radio.

Thank you for all of your help and advice. It is really appreciated.

I had this problem with both my Beefing uv5r and Yaesu vx -8. Both radios were programmed with chirp. I found that chirp is not a stable program and thing change by themselves. Reboot to factory specs and reprogram with a clean copy of chirp.


Thank you for the info. I did not realize that CHIRP was unstable.

I have a brand new still in the box DB420 antenna Im looking to get rid of does anyone know someone who might be interested?

I read all the info,and could you tell me how long you have use the UV-5R,and if you have a good habit of using walkie talkie? Do not always press the launch button, if this operation is frequent,also will appear your question.Hope it is useful to you.

Chirp is a very stable platform and years of refinements have made it a very reliable program.

Apologies… I just realized this thread is very old… the issue has long been resolved now, i’m sure.

It is entirely possible your VHF transmitter has just died. It happens.

BUT, you could try by uploading a factory image of your radio into it via Chirp, or whatever program you use. A factory image will restore the radio to factory settings. A reset won’t fully restore it. If you did not save out your factory image before you programmed it, (good practice before setting up ANY radio) there are Yahoo groups that people have uploaded theirs to. You’ll need to make sure your firmware version matches the version of the image, however. I do not personally use UV5R radios, so i don’t have one available.