UV5R HELP. send and receive on different frequencies?

Hi guys newb here.

I’ve got some baofeng uv5rs to use as race car radios.

I need to be able to talk to and listen to the race car (477.4125)and listen only to race control. (455.1685) via a remote headset so I won’t be looking at the screen.
I know how to programme up the correct frequencies and use menu seven to make it listen to both channels. (dual watch)

I need a 100%sure way of ONLY TRANSMITTING TO THE CAR.
I thought about blocking transmit on race control channel but then I won’t be certain that the message will transmit to the race car.
Can I set the race control channel to receive on its channel but if I transmit it will transmit on the racecar channel (duplex?)

Eg channel 1 race control receive 455.1685 transmit 477.4125
Channel2 race car transmit and receive on 477.4125

after hours of trolling YouTube watching difficult to understand videos here’s the answer…

Simply put if you save a second frequency into a memory location which already has a frequency stored in it, the newly saved frequency becomes the transmit frequency for that memory location/channel.
When you key the ptt you’ll see the screen frequency change showing the different transmit frequency.