UV-5X3 Alarm Issue

Randomly alarm is activated flashing the led and siren. Is there a way to disable the alarm system completely???

Why Baofeng felt this was a necessary function for a radio escapes me (and most other amateurs as well.) About the only thing you can do is go to menu number 32, AL-MODE (Alarm Mode) and set it to “SITE.” That way, if the alarm is activated, it will only be heard at the radio and not go out over the air. See Page 72 of the manual.

If the alarm is being activated without the CALL button being pushed and held, then the radio isn’t functioning correctly.

To my way of looking at it, even at the current prices, the Baofengs just aren’t worth it. There’s so many things wrong with them on so many levels. They’re kinda the Yugo of ham radios. I have one (which came to me free) and it’s been shelved in favor of my Yaesus instead.

Also, advanced settings in Chirp, uncheck the alarm sound checkbox.

I have not experienced this yet… but you may be the second person I am aware of who has had that bug (unless you are the same guy, we alll run in the same circles sometimes :slight_smile: ), if so, this is a firmware issue :frowning: I run it enough, if it is a big issue, I’ll encounter it.

I’ve just had the radio go into “kill” mode. Likely just some random stuff that tripped it. Disabling the kill function is easy enough.

The BTECH radios aren’t too bad. This one is probably the best “baofeng” I’ve had. The intermod issues are still there; but that is really all I can say negatively about it.

At least it keeps my “big 3” stuff from getting damaged. I’d rather not abuse a $350 HT.

At least, the 70cm harmonics, when using 220 aren’t above legal limits… The UV82X is so dirty, I’m glad that one went out of production! Sellers need to burn them if they have any left :frowning:

Thanks for the reply and comments. I did have luck stopping it from happening. I made three changes in churp. I turned off FM, I blanked the FM preset, and I removed alarm code 555666. I will add one item back at a time, but think removing 555666 did it.

Thanks again David

Great! Glad you got it fixed. This could very well help someone in the future with this issue.

Mine just did it today! Problem was… I already had the siren disabled and it still sounded. Trying the DTMF code only flashed the light like it was supposed to.

We have a local “gomer goodbuddy” who likes to sound his siren… I’m wondering if the uv5x3 hears a siren, it flashes the light… If so, there was no bug.

However, trying to duplicate this, the radio received a siren; but did nothing.

I’ll disable my alarm codes.