uv-5r programming

I recently purchased a Baofeng uv-5r radio thinking I could program it to match one of my clients Motorola cp-200. I have channels like 456.xxxx that all tone 516 narrow band. This might as well be Spanish. I was under the impression all I had to do was start punching numbers to program it but it appears to be a lot harder than I assumed. Can anyone help me with dilemma:mad::confused::confused::confused:?

The UV-5R is an amateur radio intended for ham use, and although technically it can be used as a business radio like the CP200, I don’t recommend using it for that purpose for a couple of reasons.

The UV-5R isn’t difficult to program from the keypad once you know how to navigate the menu, but it is much easier to program it from a computer using the programming cable and software.

This may help.

A Real Baofeng UV-5r Owners Manual

I pretty much gave up on that thing and sent it back. Thanks for the help.