UV-5R can hear but can?t transmit!

So I can listen out Motorola CM200 radios on my UV-5R. However I would like the UV-5R to be able to transmit on the repeater in case of an emergency. The problem is that they can?t hear me. I have the transmitting and receiving frequencies programmed to the UV-5R but they still can?t hear me! Can somebody please tell me what I?m doing wrong… (by the way I have the CTCSS/DCS programmed correctly also)

Well, to be honest, you must have something wrong?

You want to be able to transmit on the repeater in case of emergency? Give us the repeater specs you are using and we can check them for you. You say you can listen (I think) to the motorolas? On the same programming? If those radios work through a repeater, then unless you have the TX and RX the wrong way around, you shouldn’t be able to do this unless you have also programmed in a talk around/input monitor option, which is unlikely if you’re stuck programming the basics. We are talking about amateur frequencies I assume, or did you post in the wrong section?

Lastly - how did you find out the frequencies and tones - read the programming of the motorolas or some other way?

Also, are you transmitting from the UV-5R narrowband or wideband? It can make a difference when going through a repeater.

Yes, I can hear the Motorolas on the Baofeng. Unfortunately, I don’t know the repeater specs, but I am positive that i have the Tx and Rx frequencies correct. I have never heard of a talk around or input monitor. Yes these are amatuer frequencies, and I opened the programming software for the motorolas and got the frequency and tone.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what the repeater specs are. Correct, i can hear the motorolas but they cant hear me. I am positive that the Tx and Rx are in the correct order. And I have never heard of talk around or input monitor LOL. Yeah, these are amatuer frequencies, and I got them along with the tone from the RVN4191 programming software on the computer that programmed the radios. I also verified with another person who transmits on the repeater, who said these are correct frequencies and tones.

I have my Baofeng set on wideband, I didn’t know that it made a difference lol.

I’m really confused now! You can hear the motorolas ok, so the problem seems to be that you are either on the wrong transmit frequency or you have the tone wrong. It also seems unlikely the Motorolas are on an amateur repeater. Talk around or input monitor are ways of allowing two radio that use a repeater to talk to each other without the repeater - it simply swaps around the transmit and receive frequencies so one radio works in reverse. I don’t know where you are in the world, but you do know you can’t use amateur repeaters unless you have the right licence? Finding two Motorolas that are both programmed for an amateur repeater is a bit unusual. Not really sure about the emergency reason for using one would be? I suspect that you might just have for the frequencies mixed up, or the ham repeater can’t hear you. You said your friend verified the frequencies and tones - so you do have the spec. How far away from it are you? Keeping in mind that even bleeping the repeater up is not allowed.

I recently ran into this situation and noticed that on the back of the radio it says “walkie talkie” under the fcc ID and what not. My legit uv-5r that can transmit says “amateur radio”. I think the “walkie-talkie” ones are mostly locked out of a lot of frequencies.