Using UHF for family purposes...


I have a couple radios (2x Motorola RMU2080D, Motorola RDU4160D, and the Vertex Standard EVX-261) which I’d like to use for family purposes. I own a beach apartment where I usually take my family to. Communicating using radios from the apartment, to beach, to water, would be great since there is rarely cell phone signal at the beach. But I know that UHF is a business band… Is there a way that I could still use them legally? Let me know!


Sorry. No. Not legal. Those radios, to use legally, need the user to hold, or operate under the authority of a business license. Business license holders are assigned their frequencies by the regulating agency.

This part is assuming you are in the USA:
Your best bet without any license would just be to buy a set of Family Radio Service, (FRS) radios. Their effectiveness would depend on the distance to/from your apartment, and other terrain features.


Thanks for your response.

I have tried some FRS/GMRS (I do have a license for GMRS) but none of them reach sufficiently. I tried the Motorola T600s…