Using Repeaters

So I have a MXT115.

I know that it has a Repeater option, but I don’t really grasp how to use it. So if I hit the repeater option so that it activates that function, how to I know that it will hit an open, or closed repeater? And if it assigns a repeater to one of the channels (which seems to be what it does, if I understand it, and I don’t), does the channel otherwise work. I.e, if channel 16 becomes a repeater channel, does it still otherwise work normally.

As you can see, I’m really confused about repeaters.

The MXT115 doesn’t assign a specific repeater to a channel. The repeater channels are programmed for the 8 frequencies assigned for use by repeaters on the GMRS in the US. Once you activate the repeater function on the MXT115, those 8 repeater channels are accessible for use.

This short Radio 101 video explains the repeater channels and how to activate them.

As for whether or not a repeater is open or closed for use, the easiest and best way to do that is to go to and locate the repeater channels in your area. The results will include information about the repeater and whether or not it is available for public use.

Thanks! Just watched the video and that helped a lot.

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