using Midland GXT 1000 in Canada

Hi guys,
soon i’m moving to Canada, and i heard that in Canada is allowed radios only
with 2W output power. So, should i throw away my beauteful Midland?
(it seems like Cobra CXR900 has 2.2 W which is also more than allowed :((( )
Thank you.

I’m in the Toronto area and I wouldn’t worry about it. There’s no level of enforcement here and that extra 0.2W would not make any material difference.

I think the original poster wanted to keep the Midland radios, MannyB… anyway, that raises a question for me, too, and I hope JWilkers might be available to answer it. I read many of JWilker’s comments & evaluations regarding the Midland radios over the past weeks and I trust his judgement. In fact, just this past week I purchased a pair of the GXT-1000s to use (I would have preferred the Cobras, but I needed the water resistance & ruggedness that the Midlands have).

I live in Canada too and I hope you’ll be able to help out AK-47 and me. Soon we’ll both be Canadians who have the Midland radios (I’m hoping mine will be here early next week), and despite the fact AK-47 and I will probably never meet I hope we’ll both be able to find a way to use GMRS on them up here in the Great White North.

My question is… if we run the radios on a GMRS channel using the LOW power setting will we be close® to the 2 watt limit imposed by Industry Canada? Also, would you know what the ERP rating is for the GXT-1000 operating on a GMRS channel on LOW power? I can’t find this information anywhere!

Also a question regarding the TriSquare radios- do you know if a license is required to operate these in Canada? I guess it goes without saying they wouldn’t be compatible with the FRS or GMRS radios considering they operate at 900 MHz, eh?

Thanks very much in advance,

Oh, and by the way AK-47 - if you’re coming to Canada WITH an AK-47 you’ll probably have to check that at the border! :slight_smile:

No licence required.

Thanks very much.