Using GMRS

OK,I know you have to have a license for GMRS,
Can you use them anywhere you want or just in a specific area?
Are you assigned a channel or can you use any that’s open?

In the US the only restrictions are near the Canadian border.

You can use any channel your like provided there is no radio traffic on it at the time.


If you are licensed, you have the right to use any and ALL GMRS frequencies. There are no exclusive frequencies to users.

The only exceptions are repeaters… they are the personal property of the owners. The owners have the right to allow or disallow users at their discretion.

You may, of course use the same frequencies the repeaters output on… as there are no exclusive rights to frequencies.

If someone says to get off “my channel” ignore them. There are no frequency assignments.

Also… if they do not have a GMRS license, they are nonexistant. They have no rights on the frequency… as a matter of fact, deliberate interference is ok… since the only recognized user on GMRS is a licensee.

How do you know if they are licensed?
If some one is licensed to use GMRS and you intrude on they frequency they’re using,shouldn’t you respect them and choose another?

If they are licensed, then yes… choose another.

ALL GMRS licensees are required to identify every 15 minutes with their call sign.

If you do not know… go ahead and change frequencies to be safe. If in question, though, ask for their call sign. If they refuse or do not understand, stop communicating with them mmediately, as licensses are forbidden from communicating with unlicensed “pirates”.

Naturally, just jumping into an active frequency is not the best idea. If you find a quiet frequency, and start talking… only to be told to go away… then that is different.