Use radios while atving, looking to find helmet headsets

So I don’t want to get new radios, I currently have uniden gmr5089 and cobra micro talk CXR725C. I am looking to find a helmet headset with speakers, a mic and a remote PTT button for handlebars. Haven’t been able to find anything, or find if other brands are compatible with the radios. thanks in advance

Or any adapters to use a Motorola or midland 2 pin headset with these radios?

Both of these radios have long been discontinued, but there are still accessories available. Many of the Impact and XLT audio accessories include an accessory connector chart on each product page that may help with compatibility for one model or the other.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many adapters available that can convert one type of connector to another. Even connectors that look similar or identical to each other may have different pinout configurations with the wiring. There are a few adapters available that can convert single or two pin connectors to multi-pin connectors, but these are intended for specific brands of business radios.

There is a guy in Australia who’s done a bunch of youtube videos with a do-it-yourself way to Bluetooth any GSMR radio into your helmet. There is a simpler way. Buy a baofeng radio on Amazon and also on Amazon there is a dongle (I think that’s what they call it; its Austrailian for a Thingamagiggy) that plugs into the mic plug on the radio and outputs and receives a bluetooth signal. It also works on Kenwood radios. By the way, it looks like it would plug into a midland, but it doesn’t. The dongle comes with a useless over the ear bt headset, like a cheap thing to use with a smart phone, but it will also pair with a Sena or Cardo. This thing also comes with a bt battery powered PTT. I just tried to look it up and couldn’t find it, but I’ve seen it on Amazon and youtube. Up to Seven years ago Motorola carried a GSMR radio with BT that would have worked but they dropped it.

What I did was buy a Midland GXT1000VP4 and also a headset. works with Full face helmets only. Also comes with a ptt button and velcro and I put it on the handbars near the clutch lever. The wires are cumbersome, but it works beautifully. Model AVP-h2. Oh yeah, for $170 a Sena SR 10 and the right cable will hook up to most any radio and Tx and Rx and comes with a BT remote PTT.

check out youtube videos by Keith Jobson (the dongle) and Ringway Manchester

Look up the helmets the airsoft folk use. They’re not cheap but do a good job.

After my other post i got a throat mic. I have to position the mic right over my throat but maybe that’s what you get for $20. Anyway it comes with an acoustic earpiece like the secret service guys use. The sound quality is not great, understandable but certainly not as good as that built-in headset I got from midland, but I can wear it with any helmet and the one I got came with a PTT to wear on my finger. You push it with your thumb. I believe they are available for just about any radio.