Use radios while atving, looking to find helmet headsets

So I don’t want to get new radios, I currently have uniden gmr5089 and cobra micro talk CXR725C. I am looking to find a helmet headset with speakers, a mic and a remote PTT button for handlebars. Haven’t been able to find anything, or find if other brands are compatible with the radios. thanks in advance

Or any adapters to use a Motorola or midland 2 pin headset with these radios?

Both of these radios have long been discontinued, but there are still accessories available. Many of the Impact and XLT audio accessories include an accessory connector chart on each product page that may help with compatibility for one model or the other.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many adapters available that can convert one type of connector to another. Even connectors that look similar or identical to each other may have different pinout configurations with the wiring. There are a few adapters available that can convert single or two pin connectors to multi-pin connectors, but these are intended for specific brands of business radios.