USB programing cable on MAC

Hi Everyone! just bought my first 4 radios, and of course, just bought before reading and study a bit about the subject. i went for the Baofengs 888s when actually my idea was to buy some free (no licence needed) radios (PMR446).
Well that happens… my next ones will be PMR for sure.
Now, trying to program the radios, i also bought before learning, and i went for the cheapest usb cables on ebay. i guess those are based around prolific counterfeit chip, and cant find a way to make it work in MAC. i managed to make them work in WIN, but as i 99% of the times use MAC, i would like to make the cable usable in MAC aswell.

also tried to install the FTDI drivers but again, no success.
Can someone help!
Thanks very much!

If it has a Prolific chip, the FTDI driver won’t work, as it is intended for the FTDI chip.

If the cable is that cheap, chances are it may not only be counterfeit, there is a possibility it may not even be functional. If that is the case, they may not be much anyone here can do to get it to work.

Have you contacted the seller?

Pedro - are you in the UK? as you want to use PMR446 - keep in mind that the Boafengs although commonly used on that band are not legal - too much power and detachable antenna.

My MacBook using bootcamp or Parallels is happy with the cheap cable, although you do need to repeatedly re-install the older generic driver as Windows re-installs the latest one every time it runs - this is a pain, and as a result, all my programming is on an older computer, in my case running Vista - which is quite happy.I’ve not found any mac software that works with the usb cables - on ANY of my radios.

Hi guys, thanks for the help.
In reply to your questions:
-the cable works in pc, not in mac.
-I’m aware that 888s are not free, I will ask for price on licensing, but it might be cheaper to bin them and get some pmr446 (500mw with fixed antenna) I was wondering if Retevis Rt24 would be legal and free here in Portugal once they claim its pmr446. Just like 888s, they are cheap.
I don’t need advanced geeky radios. Just cheap plastic brick that works is fine.
-I guess I’ll go with parallels as well :confused:
Once again, thanks for the replies, if some one can give a opinion on retevis rt24 r?dios It would be f great!