Hi fellas .
I have this business project where I have to find " the statistics supporting two way radios " . It’s basically a number with a reasonable reason and " why this product surpasses other inventions ". I couldn’t find any other ways to find the following so you are my last chance . It’s has to be done by Wednesday. Thank you all

Hi parham,

It is difficult to respond to your request because it is so vague. What specifically is this “business project” trying to accomplish? Is it just some general research comparing radios to other devices in business or is it for some sort of company presentation to support the rationale for the use of two way radios within the organization?

Is this research for a news article or other piece of journalistic writing or is it market research for starting a two way radio related business?

What kind of “numbers” do you need? General statistics or percentages of businesses that use radios or specific numbers of dollars saved or ROI by companies and organizations that use them?

Either way, I don’t know of any individual radio operator who can just spit out some hard numbers across the board without investing in serious research.

At the very least, such statistics would vary greatly and incorporate a number of factors, such as type of business or industry, country, size of business, etc.

There are many advantages of using two way radios in business, and I have personally written numerous articles about them in the last few years. Many of these advantages are easily quantifiable by the individuals and businesses who use them over time, within their own companies, organizations and industries. However, the numbers related to ROI are specific to each and will vary depending on who you talk to.

This is not a simple request. You may need to contact a research firm that specializes in compiling such information and find out if there is such a report available with the numbers you need. Note: these firms usually charge for such reports and they aren’t cheap. They will probably be more accurate and factual than any unverifiable statistics anyone may post online in a forum.

Firms such as Forrester Research and Gartner come to mind. They are on the web.

Thank you
I investigated as you said and i got my problem solved .