Unsure 2 way Radios

I go hunting and when we are out there. half the group is about 2 miles away and closer. Witch radios Would some one recommend? I do think i need the use of the GMRS Licening for the 2 miles so im hoping for some radios that self contaned can hit close to 2 miles and under. i would like to keep it under $100 for a pair.

Thanks in advanced!

The best radio for your needs would be the Midland GXT800VP4 or the Midland GXT850VP4. The camo color of the GXT850 usually appeals more to hunters. These radios are the most powerful radios available for under $100/pair, with an actual power output of around 1.6 watts. They will likely be good for around a mile of range in a typical wooded area, but this could go up or down depending upon terrain.

If you need more range a VHF radio supporting MURS frequencies, like the Motorola XV2100, would be a good choice. These radios provide 2 watts of power, and VHF signals travel better outdoors than the UHF signals used by GMRS radios (like Midland). They are significantly more expensive than the GXT800’s but do not require a license if used on the MURS frequencies.