Unlocking the KG-UV950P

I cannot seem to get the radio to expand it’s frequency range. I have been told there is a key sequence and software that will do this, but I cannot find either that works right. I bought this radio to access 6 and 10 meter repeaters, and so far, it is useless for that purpose. If I cannot get this to work, I will return the rig and buy the Yaesu.

Thanks for any info you can provide,


As far as I know there is no publicly available key to unlock the KG-UV950P. It needs to be unlocked at the factory.

What is the specific frequency or frequencies?

When entering frequencies on 6 and 10 meters, you must first enter a zero before the frequency.

This still did not help the issue…Radio will only accept Frequencies in it’s band edges of 28-29MHz and 50-53MHz, so a frequency of 56.6500 is out of it’s frequency band…The radio needs to be opened to like 26-30MHz for 10 Meters and 50-57 for 6 Meters…Factory has it set to what I listed above…Too Narrow for Amateur Radio Use…

Robert - N2OMK

We just tested it out on a KG-UV950P we have in stock and it worked with the KG-UV950P Commander on the frequencies you provided. I will e-mail you for further troubleshooting.

Robert, I tried to send you the support e-mail but it was kicked back to me twice as undeliverable. If you can PM me a valid e-mail address I think we can get your issue resolved quickly.

Finally got the 6 meter and 10 meter frequencies to go to memory in the commander software…Use the 2.5 and NOT the 5K version of the software.
Thank you Rick for your help…

N2OMK - Bob