Uniden headsets

Hello all,

I visited this forum some time ago, searched for info about headsets for my Uniden GMR 1048-2ck hand held radios, and ordered what I thought were the correct headsets for them. I ordered the HS 2467 headsets, primarily to use with the radios’ VOX capabilities (I want to use them for motorcycle communications.) However, the headsets don’t work correctly with the radios. When plugged into the jacks fully, they don’t work at all. When I pull the plug partly out of the jack, I can get sound out of the ear piece, but nothing else works. Can anyone help me out? Did I order the incorrect headsets? Thanks for your help.

I would definitely call them. Your unlikely to get a timely response here.

ProfGuy, did you buy the headsets or radios from us? If not, I would try contacting Uniden at: http://mycusthelp.net/UNIDEN/supportcontact.asp?sSessionID= or at http://www.mycusthelp.com/uniden/

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