Uniden GMR-1595-2CK

Has anyone purchased these radios and if so I would like to know the pros and cons on them. I will be using them mainly for keeping track of my youngest son when he goes uptown to skate with his buds in place of a cell phone. It’s about a mile or a little more. I imagine it will work fine, but any help is highly appreciated.



Sorry it took so long to ansewer your post.

We have not seen any review of the Uniden at this time. I have not heard of anyone having any problems with the ones that we have sold in the past.

I think that the range is OK since you will not be going more than 3 miles. (which is generally the limit for all these radios)

Anyone else…

Ok thank you for the reply. My boys tried them out this afternoon…youngest walked toward the school and got about 2 blocks from it and no more communication. It was very stormy here today so I wonder if that had something to do with it? I really hope I didn’t waste $100!

One more question…what is this license I keep reading about? Do I need to buy a license to use these radios? Gosh I hope not.


Bad news…the weather cleared up very nicely last night and I did the distance test again. No communication at the school. This does not make me happy. The very purpose I bought them for will not work. Any suggestions?

Yes, a license is required.

If you do not get a license, you are restricted to the low-power channels 8-14.

So if I purchase the license to get the higher powered channels, then chances are I will be able to pick them up when at the school? I am so new to this stuff and have no clue…I just don’t want to be stuck with another cell phone bill and thought this would be a better, more affordable alternative.

Thanks again!:eek:

Oh and also…WHERE do I buy a license? No idea there either!:confused:

A mile or so… all I can say is “maybe”. It primarily depends on obstructions and a good line of sight.

FCC web site.