Uniden GMR-1588

I just got to test a pair of Uniden GMR-1588 FRS/GMRS units and am very pleased with these radios.
They are feature packed and have something I have been missing on other sets for some time,
RUBBER ! yes rubber on the gripping area.
This used to be a standard feature on many sets when this type of consumer grade radios first came out , but gradually disappeared , being replaced by plastic which gave little to no gripping assistance.
Also these have a slightly better beltclip than previous models, and more importantly, when you remove them there is no hole in the back of the unit as with most radios of this type to let rain/moisture in the insides. Most have 2 slots that are open right over the circuit board,
this is a definite improvement.
Here is a list of features this set has to offer,

Meat and potatos-OUTPUT POWER
(ERP)(Watts) high (boost) -1.36 PTT- 0.60 FRS- 0.30

Uniden GMR-1588-2CK Features:

22 Total Channels

15 Mile Range

14 FRS Channels

8 GMRS Channels

142 Privacy Codes

2.5 Watts Transmit Power

Uses 4 AAA Batteries or Rechargeable Battery Pack

2 NiMH Rechargeable Battery Packs Included

Includeds Two Single Pocket Desktop Chargers

NOAA Emergency / Weather Channels

Hands-Free (VOX) Operation with Optional Headset

Voice Scramble

Direct Call

Auto Channel Change

Silent Mode

5 Call Tones

Channel Scan

Roger Beep Tone

Backlit LCD Display

Power Boost

Battery Strength Meter

Low Battery Alert

Battery Saver

Keypad Lock

Channel Monitor

Key Beeps

Drop-In Charge Capable

Plug-In Charge Capable

Headset Jack

One Year Manufacturer Warranty

The menu for programming these is intiuitive and easy to follow so setting them up was a breeze.
The NOAA weather RX was about as good as my scanners and you can’t ask much more than that
considering the scanner has an external antenna, and the 1588’s antenna is much smaller.
The 1588’s antennae is 1 inch longer than the GRM-1038’s and this seems to make a difference , as the 1588 is a more sensitive reciever, giving it longer range.
On the whole , range was comparable with the top of the line Motorola and Midland sets,
Such as the T-9500 and the GXT-710 units that friends of mine have .
The only quirk with this model is that the Boost mode only works with NIMH batteries and not
with alkalines. I do not know why this is but it is stated in the manual as such.

The separate chargers come in handy when leaving one unit at a friends house so both radios are always ready for use when needed.
One feature that proved to be very useful was the ability to change the channels by remote control using one radio. Many people are just not familiar with radio and have trouble navigating the menus.
With this function you can change the other units channel by choosing another one and sending a signal that will set the others to the same one chosen by you, saving time as the other person or persons do not have to bring the unit to you to have it done for them.
As long as there is good signal strength in the receiving unit this function works well.

Voice scrambling is another welcome feature, I was at a mall with my wife last year and some jerk was listening in on our conversation , and when it came time to meet he tried to impersonate me and tell my wife to meet me (HIM) outside the mall at the entrance instead of the food court where I had said to meet !
Wheather a prankster or criminal this was disturbing, thankfully my wife knew it was not me and waited for me to come to her location. We complained to mall security and were told not much could be done.
If this had been a child instead of my wife who knows what could have happend.
This would have been much less likely to happen if we had the voice scrambling feature on our radios.
It is simple to use and offers better security when combined with the privacy codes.

Since there were only two radios to work with , the group mode and some other features were not tested since more sets would have been needed for these functions.

But overall , I would rate these as good as the best that other manufacturers have to offer in a consumer grade radio of this type.