Uniden cant talk to Motorola...Urgent..Pls Help.

First of all, Im so happy i found this forum.
Can somebody please help me.

I have a Motorola SX780R and a Uniden GMR855-2.

The Uniden is able to recieve from Motorola. But the Motorola cannot recieve anything from Uniden.
Same frequency.

Uniden- Uniden…no problem when receiving and sending.
Motorola-Motorola…no problem.

Motorola- Uniden…no problem receiving.
Uniden-Motorola…NOT receiving.

PLEASE HELP ME. We need to use the radios in 12 hrs for an outdoor activity.
I searched the net for some instructions but i find nothing.
Help pls.:(:(:frowning:

I’d appreciate anyones help.

Check your privacy codes. You can be on the same channel but if you’re not on the same privacy code (aka eliminator code) you will have this issue. Either set them to the same privacy code or turn privacy codes off on the radios.

In fact, we will be covering privacy codes in an upcoming episode of The Two Way Radio Show.